A discovery sets the foundations for our marketing strategies.

By thoroughly understanding your business, goals, and marketplace, we can create a marketing strategy driven by consumer behaviour and market insights.

By focussing on top-of-the-funnel behaviour, rather than just getting a conversion, brands stand to convert more shoppers than was thought possible.

The benefits of a digital discovery.

By thoroughly understanding your business, goals, and marketplace, we can create a marketing strategy driven by consumer behaviour and market insights.

Improve engagement with your target audience
Craft a more authentic brand image
Build higher levels of customer loyalty
Increase conversion rates
Improve efficiency of marketing campaigns
Better ROI
Gain objective insights
Mitigate risk

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Discovery process.

We use data-driven insights alongside a combination of technology and creativity to craft highly targeted campaigns that produce reliable and sustainable results.

From the moment you decide to work with us, we will:

Once we understand your business, what you do, and your goals, we’ll talk to you about your current marketing activities and how your current marketing activities are performing.

We take a deep dive into the performance metrics in analytics or any other tracking systems you have in place so that we can see how they are performing against your business goals.

We’ll then go on to understand who your competitors are and what your marketing landscape looks like. We’ll also benchmark your current position against where you aim to be

We conduct extensive research into how your audience searches organically, through paid advertising and social channels. As users interact will interact with you across multiple channels, this will help us create user personas and customer journey maps from the initial awareness stage right through to a purchase.

The last stage of the discovery is a complete audit of your website, marketing campaigns and marketing assets so that we can identify improvements that can be made to increase your visibility, engagement and conversions.

Once we have completed the discovery, we’ll take all of the insights and data we’ve gained to create a unique digital strategy that will help you reach your target customers at the right time, on the right channels, and in the most effective way to deliver sustainable results.

As your agency, we will identify the biggest opportunities to maximise results and ensure all your marketing activities work together cohesively.

Our recommendations are measurable, with clearly defined milestones, and will grow with your business.

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