Digital PR drives traffic, raises awareness and builds brands online.

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Digital PR is the key to brand building SEO

If you want to build your brand online, digital PR is going to be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Brand signals are a huge ranking factor that Google uses when choosing which websites to display in the search results. A good digital PR can help build your brand, protect your brand and increase your visibility on Google.

We can help you reach new audiences with digital PR.

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Use digital PR to build your brand

Digital PR for tangible results.

Done right, digital PR is an extremely valuable form of online marketing because it builds brand awareness, positively impacts your rankings in the search engines and increases domain authority.

Our digital PR team work closely with our SEO team to understand the goals, whether that’s to improve rankings for a particular page, drive more traffic to a particular product or simply help raise brand awareness online.

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Results-focused PR strategies

Digital PR is often paired with SEO because each can complement the other.

Digital PR focuses on creating positive and influential content and distributing them through the channels that are most successful to build brand awareness and authority. 

SEO focuses on the creation of quality content to improve rankings and visibility in search engines.

Digital PR can benefit your SEO strategy because it builds links that improve your domain authority and as such improves your search rankings.

Similarly, SEO benefits digital PR because it uncovers the topics and themes that people are searching for; feeding the type of content you share through the PR activity.

Digital PR agency West Sussex

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