Content marketing that builds brands.

Content marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy if you want to build your brand online.

Brand signals are a huge ranking factor that Google uses when choosing which websites to display in the search results.

A good content marketing strategy will help build your brand, increase your visibility on search engines, and provide valuable content that can be used as part of your social media marketing.

Content marketing that creates tangible results.

Done right, content marketing is an extremely valuable form of online marketing because it builds brand awareness, positively impacts your rankings in the search engines and increases domain authority.

Our content marketing team work closely with our whole team to understand the goals, whether that’s to improve rankings for a particular page, drive more relevant traffic to a particular product or simply help raise brand awareness online.

Are you looking for a reliable agency that will grow your online business?

Content marketing is a perfect way to grow your business.

Content marketing is essential because it’s a cost-effective and sustainable marketing method that nurtures your audience, answers their questions, and builds their trust – which helps your business generate better leads, more conversions, and more sales.

PPC, SEO and a bespoke website to see record-breaking revenues.

A bespoke website, SEO and PPC that has seen significant growth for Lemon Lumba.

What is content marketing?

Content is, arguably, anything you create that doesn’t contain an overt sales message; it is really that simple.

But it is also fairly vague, so we broke it down into the most common categories you are likely to encounter.

Blog Content Marketing

By and large, blogs still account for the vast majority of content marketing out there (86 percent according to The State of Content Marketing Report 2019: Global Report), and for good reason.

We know that businesses that use blogs receive 97 percent more links to their websites and, in turn, have 434 percent more indexed pages for the SERPs. This is why it is pretty much a no-brainer since blogging can also be extremely cost-effective for small businesses on a tight budget.

Blog posts are most effective when used strictly for good, like most types of content marketing. Rather than blogging about how your newest product will change lives, you should be writing about topics related to your products or services.

You literally won’t need to push your products when you establish your company as a leading industry expert, whether locally or internationally. Add genuine impact by adding something new and valuable, above and beyond what the many, many generic blogs out there offer.

After all, your readers want to know what you know and how you can help solve their problem, not what everyone else has already said. Definitely forget leaning hard into keywords, the user experience is far more valuable today.

Infographic Content Marketing

Of the many different forms of content marketing, infographics are one that can really throw a big curveball for digital marketers. It is a shame because a good infographic can get a lot of attention in the form of shares and inbound links. 

Of course, you can’t use an infographic for everything, nor should you. But choosing the right time and graphic can elevate this content format to the sublime.

Successful infographics are simple, impactful, and meaningful. The point of them is to take a lot of complicated information from a study or survey and break it down into the most important points.

They can be used to punctuate written blogs or as standalone content for both blogging platforms and social media – just remember to keep it simple and impactful filled with strong data points.

Video Content Marketing

Video content can be expensive to produce, as well as time-consuming, but it is hot and in demand among many consumers. Although many prefer written content, those that want video are still wanting to see even more than they can get their hands on right now. 

A well-produced video spot shows a whole different side of your business (much like a podcast does) and can give you a better way to create content that demonstrates how to do something or how something works.

Consider videos for more than just blogging; they are also great for teaching someone how to replumb their own sink trap using your product or show potential customers how you manufacture your golf clubs, from start to finish. 

Don’t forget to create captions for your videos and include a text introduction to help humans better navigate their way to what they really want to see. You can then use this content almost anywhere, from your main website to your blog, your social media page, or even in email campaigns.

Social Media Content Marketing

Of the many forms of content marketing, social media is one that is often treated alone because it follows a slightly different set of rules. Unlike other digital marketing content listed above, social media marketing is all about getting people to look AND respond directly. You want engagement that is palpable. 

It can take some effort to find both the type of content and medium that really resonates with your social media followers, but if you are already producing other types of content for your marketing, the good news is that you can easily repurpose them for social media, too. 

By watching your social media analytics, you will be able to figure out pretty quickly if your audience is the type that prefers videos or blogs, serious posts from your CEO, or funny posts from your staff writers. Plus, you will be able to gauge how much traffic social media is generating to your site. 

What to expect from our content marketing strategies.

We work hard for you so that you have consistent growth from your content marketing campaigns.

A good content marketing strategy will help build your brand, increase your visibility on search engines, and provide valuable content that can be used as part of your social media marketing.

As part of our management services, your should expect:

Our SEO strategies deliver consistent growth.

We are a team of digital marketing experts who pride ourselves on the fantastic results we achieve for our clients.

Our SEO strategies generally follow a 5 step process:

1. Objective setting.

Our approach to digital marketing strategy begins with a discovery phase to truly understand your business, what it is you are trying to achieve and what challenges you face.

From here, we use our years of experience, industry-leading tools and specialist knowledge to determine an objective framework that meets your business objectives and will ultimately grow your business online.

2. Insights.

Using a mixture of third-party and first-party data sources, we build a complete picture of your market conditions and competitor landscape. We also take a deep dive into your target audience and their behaviours.

This enables us to formulate data-led recommendations, all tied to the objective framework.

3. Our strategy.

Our recommendations are built around measurable hypotheses and laid out in a detailed media plan, with each channel working towards KPIs that contribute to your overall business objectives.

Setting the strategic direction of your online activity forms the core of our digital marketing strategy services.

4. Execution.

Our strategic approach doesn’t end with the implementation stage.

As future plans are built from the learnings of past activities, we know it’s essential to be involved at each step of the journey.

Following the creation of the finalised media plans and forecasts, our team will ensure your strategy is effectively deployed across each channel and is successfully delivering on all KPIs.

6. Evaluation

With all of our digital marketing strategy services, we provide bespoke ongoing reporting, and all campaign activity can be tracked and reported on in real-time.

This means that we can collaboratively work with you, and allows us to utilise every learning in the next cycle of planning, evolving our insight and data-led approach.

Are you looking for a reliable agency that will grow your online business?

Get more leads and sales than your business can handle with insanely good SEO.

SEO Audit

We evaluate how well your website is optimised for search engines. As well as identifying errors that can prevent your site from ranking well and opportunities that can help you rank better.


We will optimise your website so you see and increase the conversion rate of your website and engage with your visitors in the most effective way.

Choose Euphoric Agency as your digital partner.

We have developed a reputation as an agency that consistently delivers outstanding results.

We are 100% focused on ensuring that you get the best return for your marketing budget and that we see constant growth for your business from our digital marketing strategies.

If you want to work with an agency that genuinely cares as much about your business as you do, then Euphoric is your next digital partner.

Ready to take it to the next level?

We understand that when you’re looking for a SEO agency, it can be a complicated process.

We would love to have an initial 30-minute call with you, allowing us to learn more about your project and get to know you, your business, and your goals.

On the call, we’ll ask things like:

  • What are you looking to achieve from your marketing?
  • What marketing challenges are you facing?
  • How well is your website and online presence working for your business?

Any questions? find answers here.

Don’t find your answer here? Get in touch, and one of our SEO experts would love to help you.

How long does SEO take?

Determining how long SEO takes depends on your website and over 200 signals that the search engines check and monitor.

In most cases, you should expect to see positive results within the first 3 months of running your long-term campaign.

Do you limit the number for focus keywords?

No. Before going ahead with SEO with us, we will provide a comprehensive audit of our initial ideas and focuses. We do not limit you to just a few keywords to focus on, and we also make sure that the target keywords evolve with your business objectives and target audience trends.

How regularly do your report feedback to your clients?

We have weekly calls & mini reports with every client, a full report once a month, and regular meetings whenever they are needed.

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