Turning We Buy Any Bike into market leaders

We Buy Any Bike went from 250 bikes to over 900 bikes in stock

Making the most of paid search, CRO and website development to see sustainable revenues.

We buy any bike digital agency

The challenge.

We Buy Any Bike purchase any type of motorbike from anyone looking to upgrade or to release finances and provide quotes to their customers through their website.

Previous investment into their digital marketing activities delivered poor results with a high cost per lead, wasted media spend, and poor conversion rates.

We Buy Any Bike wanted to increase their online presence and their market share which would ultimately lead to an increase in visibility, traffic and qualified leads, through both PPC and SEO marketing.

The solution.

Euphoric’s paid, creative and SEO teams collaborated to craft a joined-up search strategy designed to generate immediate website enquiries and evolve with the long-term goals of We Buy Ay Bike.

Paid Media

We created a highly targeted Google Ads strategy, focusing our client’s budgets where they were most likely to see a return.

Our paid media experts analysed which users were most likely to convert after an initial enquiry was made.

These types of insights allowed us to focus on the specific touchpoints that generated the most conversions and ensure we pushed audiences to these via our paid media campaign.


We created an effective content optimisation strategy, combined with technical SEO and Digital PR to ensure the right content landed in front of the right user-based and generated highly valuable backlinks.

We also provided training to their internal teams to make the most of content marketing and SEO. 

Bespoke Website

After completing a full analysis of their marketplace, competitors and customers. We created a website that we knew would resonate with their target audiences and stand out from the rest of their competitors.

After launch, we worked closely with We Buy Any Bike to continually optimise and tweak their site by looking at the user journeys and behaviours to ensure that the best conversion rates were achieved.

The results.

Since working with Garolla we’ve seen record-breaking lead volumes and revenues across all marketing channels and markets.

Reduced the cost per lead by £85

511% increase in leads generated

25% conversion rates through PPC

Increased organic traffic by 382%

95% of all target keywords rank in the top 3 positions

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