Record revenues for Liverpool FC

International Google Ads Management

Helping Liverpool FC make the most of Google Ads across all their services.

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The challenge.

Euphoric was selected by Intermarketing as the agency to run the Google Adwords campaigns for their clients, one of these clients was Liverpool FC.

Liverpool Football club wanted to increase their online presence and their market share via a strategic PPC.

LFC wanted to generate ticket sales for preseason games internationally, sell hospitably packages at their Anfield stadium, increase online LFCTV subscriptions, and ensuring all academy places were fully booked for the summer.

The solution.

Euphoric’s paid teams collaborated with Intermarketing to create an integrated strategy that would lead to record breaking results.

Paid Media

We created a highly targeted Google Ads strategy, focusing our client’s budgets where they were most likely to see a return. 

We ran international PPC campaigns to drive ticket sales for the their preseason games across 11 countries.

Each campaign had a specific audiences and by using behavioural science we were able to ensure that we achieved the best conversion rates and ROI.

Our analysis revealed that those looking to sign up to services such as LFCTV are often time-constrained, as those looking for this wanted access to pay-per-view games. So, we tailored our ad messaging and landing pages to push key conversion actions.

The results.

All hospitality places booked 3 months ahead of games

Academy was fully booked

Increased LFCTV online sales by 22% year on year

Record number of pre-season ticket sales

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