Absolutely smashing it for Garolla Garage Doors

integrated marketing across multiple channels

Leveraging paid search, SEO and website development to see record-breaking revenues.

The challenge.

Garolla is a market leader in the manufacturing and installation of electric garage doors. With decades of experience delivering the highest quality products, their British-made, bespoke doors are installed across the UK, Ireland and France.

They wanted to increase their visibility and generate new leads through their website in each of these markets. Their previous agency’s approach had led to high costs and low conversions, and this meant our objective was to create a digital strategy to get SEO and PPC working in perfect harmony to achieve their goals and maximise their budget.

As Garolla expanded their business offering into France they required a new website, brand and bespoke garage door builder to allow visitors to visualise their new garage door online.

The solution.

Euphoric’s paid, creative and SEO teams collaborated to craft a joined-up search strategy designed to generate immediate website enquiries and evolve with the long-term goals of Garolla.

Paid Media

We implemented a highly targeted Google Ads strategy across the UK, Ireland and France, focusing our client’s budgets where they were most likely to see a return.

Our paid media experts analysed which users were most likely to convert after an initial enquiry was made.

These types of insights allowed us to focus on the specific touchpoints that generated the most conversions and ensure we pushed audiences to these via our paid media campaign.


Our approach to the SEO campaigns included extensive keyword research and the creation and optimisation of new and existing website landing pages, which provided rock-solid foundations for the ongoing SEO campaigns.

We created and implemented a systematic link-building and digital PR campaign to get their websites crawled and ranked by the search engines for the most competitive terms in their industry.

Online Garage Door Builder

We developed a bespoke website and garage door builder for their French market, that allows users to select a range of options, styles and additional extras to visualise their garage door.

We are continually evaluating the customer journey by leveraging human insights to behavioural data to optimise the path to conversion. We adapt landing pages, on-page assets and marketing campaigns to ensure each visitor is funnelled towards a conversion.

The results.

Since working with Garolla we’ve seen record-breaking lead volumes and revenues across all marketing channels and markets.

Increased conversion rate by 177%

Reduced the cost per lead by 450%

38% increase in leads generated

Reduced the cost per lead by 450%

90% of all target keywords rank in the top 3 positions

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