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Google Ads and SEO campaigns that have seen significant growth for Garolla.

Our paid media and SEO strategies have seen an impressive ROI for Garolla, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • 15% conversion rate from Google Ads
  • Website converts at over 10%
  • Significant improvements in rankings with more to come!
  • 50% of the target keywords in the top 5 positions 

Garolla is smashing it with Google Ads in the UK and Ireland.

As we have significant experience in the home improvements industry, Euphoric was selected as the agency to drive their Google Ads campaign across Ireland and the UK.

After showing impressive results and sustainable ROI, Garolla has continued to heavily invest in Google Ads.

We have performance metrics that exceed expectations for what would be a well-managed campaign, with conversion rates at over 15%, and CTRs over 20% across the entire account.


We undertook a full SEO audit to understand how we can turn Garolla into market leaders in Ireland.

After undertaking an end-to-end onsite, content and technical audit of their website, we put an SEO strategy in place that now sees Garolla consistently rank in the top positions for all their target keywords in Ireland.

We’ve seen continued improvements month on month, and in the short time we’ve been working with Garolla.ie we have seen 50% of their target terms now in the top 5 positions in Ireland!



Garolla UK & Ireland


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