Garolla Garage Doors

Leveraging paid search, SEO and bespoke website development to see record-breaking revenues.

  • Google Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Website
  • Garage Door Visualiser

Absolutely smashing it for Garolla Garage Doors.

Garolla is a market leader in the manufacturing and installation of electric garage doors.

They wanted to increase their market share, visibility and generate new leads through their website in France, Ireland and the UK.

160 %
Yearly Growth from paid search
25 %
Decrease in CPA
10 %
Conversion rates from Google Ads marketing
130 %
Growth from organic search

Paid Media

We implemented a highly targeted Google Ads strategy across the UK, Ireland and France.

Using behavioural science as the foundation of the campaigns, we have been able to maximise the budgets in the areas most likely to see the best return on investment for Garolla.

Throughout the lifecycle of the campaigns, we have gained user-based insights that have allowed us to focus on the specific touch points that generate the most conversions. This has ensured we pushed audiences to these via our paid media campaign.


Our approach to the SEO campaigns included extensive keyword research and creating and optimising new and existing website landing pages, which provided rock-solid foundations for the ongoing SEO campaigns.

We created and implemented a systematic link building and content marketing campaign to get their websites crawled and ranked by the search engines for the most competitive terms in their industry.

Garage Door Visualiser
  • We developed a bespoke website and garage door builder for their French market that allows users to select various options, styles and extras to visualise their garage door.

    We continually evaluate the customer journey by leveraging human insights to behavioural data to optimise the path to conversion. We adapt landing pages, on-page assets and marketing campaigns to ensure each visitor is funnelled towards a conversion.

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