Building the Skinfinity brand and reaching new audiences online.

Skinfinity is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic treatment businesses that specialise in non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments, which clinical experts professionally deliver.

Integrated marketing across paid search, social, SEO and website development to reach new audiences.

They had previously used a marketing agency but had found that they had suffered significant ranking penalties and were unable to implement a long-term marketing strategy for the business.

Skinfinity had dipped its toe into digital marketing but has lost faith in this as a viable channel because of the poor conversion rates and high cost per lead they had achieved.

Exceed annual targets

Decrease in CPA

Google Ads conversion rate

Increase in organic traffic

The solution.

Euphoric’s paid, creative and SEO teams collaborated to create an integrated strategy to generate sustainable website enquiries that would evolve as the business grows.

Once we completed our digital discovery, we took all of the insights and data we gained to create a unique digital strategy that led the way in targeting customers at the right time, on the right channels, and in the most effective way to deliver sustainable results.

Paid Media

We created a highly targeted Google Ads strategy, focusing our client’s budgets where they were most likely to see a return.

By using behavioural and user data that was gained from our digital discovery, we were able to target the right audiences specifically, leading to impressive results.

Our paid media experts analysed which users were most likely to convert and their online behaviours. These insights allowed us to focus on the specific touchpoints that generated the most conversions and ensure we pushed audiences to these via our paid media campaign.


Our first challenge was to have the ranking penalty lifted so that we implement our multichannel strategy. Our SEO audit highlighted all the ranking issues preventing Skinfinity from moving forwards, and our team quickly got to work to resolve these.

Their new website was fully optimised against specific terms that we knew would grow their business and provide sustainable revenues in the long term.

We provided digital PR marketing, so Skinfinity had amazing exposure across various publications.

This meant that not only could we provide high-quality content that could be shared via their social channels, but it also meant that we developed high-quality and sustainable links for their ongoing SEO campaigns.

Bespoke website

We developed a bespoke website and booking engine integrated with their existing CRM systems.

We continually evaluated the customer journey by leveraging human insights to behavioural data to optimise the path to conversion.

We adapt landing pages, on-page assets and marketing campaigns to ensure each visitor is funnelled towards a conversion.

New clients see an average of 160% increase in revenue within the first 3 months.

A new website and brouchures for the next phase of growth for Cherubs Beauty Spa

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