Microsoft signs 10 year deal for AOL to use Bing’s Ads & listings

Microsoft and AOL have signed a new 10-year advertising agreement for Bing to provide search listings and ads to AOL starting on January 1, 2016.

Google started working with AOL in 2002, which back then would have been a huge opportunity for Google. Google was at that time an up-and-coming startup and AOL had substantial search traffic. Since 2010 Google has managed to secure a deal to renew the partnership, but no this year.

In Fact, Google told us it had no comment to give on the deal or if it tried to renew with AOL.

However, this isn’t a huge loss for Google as id dominated the market with around 65% of search traffic vs. AOL’s 1%.

It’s still a great win for Bing. It recently passed the 20% share mark in the US, and the AOL deal will give it a further nudge forward.

Also, Microsoft is giving up its display ad sales business to AOL and said “that Bing generates enough revenue to operate on a standalone basis, if it wanted”

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