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3 quick tips for Google Ads

Engaging in PPC advertising on AdWords can be pretty intimidating and confusing. It can take quite some time before you feel comfortable using the platform, and even then, it’s so time-consuming that you might need a PPC Agency to help. 

Here are some great tips to help you get on your way to becoming an AdWords expert.

1.       Set Up Conversion Tracking

This is something that a lot of small advertisers never bother to do, which is pretty amazing to me. 

Conversion tracking is essential when determining what your cost per acquisition is, and if you don’t know what your cost per acquisition is, how do you know your advertising is paying off?

It’s not hard to setup, Google will provide you with a tracking code that you need to place on one of your pages. 

You’ll most likely want to put it on the page that a customer is taken to after making a purchase. 

After that’s set up, every time someone makes a purchase after clicking on one of your ads, you’ll know which keyword they searched for and which ad they clicked. 

This not only helps you find out what your CPA is, but which of your keywords and ads are performing at the highest level. If you don’t have this set up, do it right away!

2.       Run Multiple Ads

When setting up an ad group, you’re required to write one ad and choose your keywords. Don’t leave it at just one. I don’t feel comfortable with an ad group until I have at least three ads – but I wouldn’t run more than four at a time.

Google will automatically show the best performing and most relevant ad more often, which can only help you in writing better ad copy in the future. 

Every so often you should check to see how well each ad is performing and change the text on lesser ads to see if they get better. 

If I’ve learned one thing about AdWords, it’s that you must constantly be testing because what might have worked last week may not be good enough this week. Your competition isn’t static and you need to be keeping up.

3.       Monitor Your Keyword Bids and Ad Rank

Your ad copy needs to be monitored every so often but your keyword bids need to be monitored constantly. What many people don’t realise is that AdWords is run like an auction. The more you’re willing to pay for each click on one of your keywords, the higher you’ll be ranked.

There is more to it than that, the relevance of your website to the keyword and text ad is a factor (known as your quality score) but that’s a little more advanced. Assuming your quality score isn’t atrocious, it more often than not comes down to how much you’re willing to pay to be seen.

Being at the top is many advertisers dream but smart advertisers know that being the first ad doesn’t necessarily ensure you’ll drive sales. You might find that you make just as many sales by being the fifth ad and paying much less per click. 

This is the most time-consuming and exhausting aspect of AdWords but there are plenty of free and low-cost AdWords bid management tools to help you find the best price on all of your keywords.

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