Digital marketing that produces a sustainable ROI

I use award winning PPC analysis tools to analyse your current campaign, identifying weaknesses and inefficiencies both in bidding and in conversion rates.

eCommerce PPC

I’ve worked with clients internationally, selling everything from electronics to kitchen sinks. If you want to generate more sales from your advertising budget, then I will help you find them.

By creating tighter, more streamlined campaigns, coupled with highly optimised landing pages I’ve transformed businesses online.

All my PPC campaigns are designed to do one thing… convert with a fantastic ROI, and I’d love to do the same for you.

Market analysis

Understanding your competitors is an essential part of all my sponsored advertising campaigns.

I regularly produce reports on my client’s competitors so that we can get a better understanding of their marketing strategies and position in the market place.

By giving my clients a complete picture of their business sector will to help with future campaign strategies.

Would You Like A Free Audit Of Your Marketing Campaign?

Euphoric have years of experience in helping businesses generate more leads and sales through their websites.

Your PPC campaign is likely to be making a profit. But it’s also quite possible it could be running inefficiently, and therefore not bringing in the ROI that it could.

I would Like A Free Audit

Social Media Advertising

Over 1 Billion people use Facebook daily, it is the largest source of online display advertising in the world, with average users spending over 7 hours per month on the site.

Your customers are included in this, they will be on Facebook and you will be able to target your ideal customer through the platform.

Google & Bing Shopping

I have helped numerous companies sell their products on Google and Bing Shopping.

Paids ads have created an unprecedented opportunity to drive traffic to your site, as an eCommerce business this is one of the first things I recommend and implement.

Mobile Marketing

I build a mobile strategy into every advertising campaign, because I understand that smartphone and tablet usage has grown dramatically over the last 3 years.

From specific bidding strategies to unique mobile ads, I will define a suitable mobile strategy to ensure you reach your target audience and potential customers.

My Work

All of my clients businesses have grown as a result of working with me and I’d love to do the same for you.

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Our results driven PPC campaigns produce reliable,
and sustainable results

Almost every campaign I’ve inherited has had a certain level of inefficiency. I use award winning PPC analysis tools to analyse your current campaign, identifying weaknesses and inefficiencies both in bidding and in conversion rates.

By drilling down to a keyword and landing page level for every single keyword and ad group I can determine exactly where the campaign can be improved.

I have the technology, experience and a proven track record in delivering outstanding results on Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. I know each pay per click platform inside out and can recommend the best strategy for your business.

I have always been able to either dramatically reduce spend or drive a significant increase in customers for the same marketing budget.

Search Partners

Euphoric are recognised partners of Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, and Google.

Proven success is what puts Euphoric above the rest. I use industry best practices to manage campaigns and focus on helping my clients get the most out of their marketing budget.

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